Creating a future for the voxel, because we love cubes <3

There is no limit to your fantasy! Never resign, never give up, always imagine the impossible. Your mind is free to create what ever you like.

Don’t be fearful, don’t hesitate, and what ever you imagine will become reality!

What is Emagone?

Emagone is a work in progress game with a beautiful terrain generator. It is created for everyone and can be downloaded and installed with its own Launcher.

Prototype is an early version of the game, which is already released. You can find information about the individual updates in Changelog.

The game is designed to do whatever you like in your very own world. Be the creator in an infinite world with no boundaries for a limitless mind. Own the land, rule the depth, and claim the sky. Follow your fascination, dream your world into existence.

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What's New?

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